Security Control Panel

Black Creek ISC’s Super Display System was developed as a corrections-specific security control solution that integrates operations into a single package.

Curtain Wall

Vistawall Architectural Products introduces the Reliance Curtain Wall for blast resistance designed for government and public buildings. The system's glass is glazed using a continuous structural silicone seal at the interior to comply with the UFC standard. System dimensions for the product are 2.5 inches x 7.25 inches. It is thermally broken using an ethylene propylene diene monomer thermal isolator and is available in anodized or painted finishes.

Noise Control

Eckoustic Correctional Panels consist of flat, 16-gauge, two-inch-thick, sound-absorbing panels with a special security fastening system. The panels incorporate hidden mounting angles and tamper-proof security fasteners, according to the company.The sound-absorbing panels can be located on walls and/or ceilings; areas can be acoustically upgraded without relocating existing utilities. Special fire-resistant, heavy-duty type HD panels and ceiling panels also are available. Ceiling panels come in eight-foot-long ceiling modules that are designed to conceal utilities while still allowing access to them.Contact Eckel Industries.

Hand-Held Controller

Secure Control Systems offers a hand-held PDA (personal display assistant) with high-resolution, security touchscreen capacity in a wireless controller.The system offers encrypted, secure door operating and monitoring functions, fingerprint biometric access to control functions for increased security or multiple users, on-screen offender and staff photo imaging, and a scrambled keypad access option, among others. Custom functions also are available.

IP Based Security Network

DVTel enables users to move non-integrated, stand-alone security applications to a dedicated copper-based IP network without installing new CAT-5 cable or fiber, according to the company. DVTel transforms existing telephone wiring into a transport and switching system spanning distances up to 5,000 feet.DVTel equipment can operate with the existing telephone twisted pair cables already installed in all buildings. The technology transforms existing twisted pair wiring in most installations into a broadband transport system.Contact DVTel Inc.

Integrated Security Systems

Accurate Controls Inc., a company specializing in non-proprietary, integrated security systems for the corrections market, recently released a new product designed to meet the security needs of smaller facilities. The new Modular Security System allows smaller facilities to integrate independent security elements and control them from a central location using a touch-screen or mouse-driven computer station.The Modular Security System, which is UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) labeled for safety, can be used to integrate independent systems already in place. Or, Accurate Controls can develop a custom-designed system to meet specific needs.

Gypsum Panels

U.S. Gypsum introduces new gypsum panels designed specifically to resist moisture and mold. Sheetrock-brand Humitek panels are moisture- and mold-resistant and designed for interior use. The products are available in a 5/8-inch thickness and in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot panel lengths.

Interactive Security

The newly-created Hidden Eyes Interactive, a division of Hidden Eyes Guard Service, is offering a menu of high-tech security services. Hidden Eyes Interactive implements video conferencing technology, high-speed Internet access, video cameras, microphones, central monitoring stations, and database management software to provide such services as electronic guard tours, video-alarm verification, remote escort service, and on-demand remote guard service.The system is designed to replace a security guard stationed at an entry gate or door with a kiosk that transmits video and sound via a secure Internet connection to a central monitoring station. As a visitor approaches the kiosk, trained professionals at the monitoring station can see, hear, and speak to the individual.