Security Screening System

Gemini X-ray scanning systems from American Science and Engineering Inc. combine dual-energy transmission X-rays with proprietary technology to deliver security threat and contraband detection for secure building entry, checkpoint and mailroom screening applications.

Mailroom Security Scanner

Correctional staff can quickly screen handfuls of mail or small packages with the Scanmail 10K from Scanna MSC Ltd. The unit detects common mailbomb components regardless of the type of explosives used, plastic or otherwise.


JPS Communications offers the ACU-M, an interoperability device that can monitor and link multiple radio signals on different bandwidths. The device enables radio interoperability by means of digital signal processing functions, which use four audio ports, two voice-over Internet protocol channels, and a headset port. An Ethernet port provides access to a network for the voice-over channels. Features include an internal library of preset radio templates, a water-resistant display, self-tests and the ability to monitor any or all of the interface ports. The device can be controlled locally by the control panel, speaker and headset, or remotely through the Ethernet port. The product weighs less than 3 pounds and can be installed in a vehicle, rack or case. Power options include AC, battery or 12V vehicle outlet.