Dimmable LED Lights

The LED20W family of line voltage dimmable LED drivers by Thomas Research Products is designed for simple dimming control. With a 100 percent to10 percent dimming range, each dimmable driver is compatible with industry-standard controls, according to the company.

Security Flashlight

The new Top Gun Mark 1 is a professional in-car rechargeable LED tactical flashlight designed for law enforcement, security, armed forces and emergency services from AE Light. It is manufactured from black anodized aluminum and is powered by a lithium ion, 7.4V, 2200 mAh battery. A dual switch feature provides side and rear switches with several power options. Run time is more than five hours on 100 percent brightness, more than 20 hours at 25 percent power and 30 hours of strobe with a two-hour recharge time. An in-car mountable cradle charger features a 7-28V DC input with hard wire or cigarette socket lead, which all come with the flashlight. A torch, battery and belt carry pouch are also included. An orange control wand with blue end cap and a 100/240VAC charger are available as options.

Safety Daylighting Panels

Major Industries manufactures the Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels that have the ability to flex with the force of an explosion. They have been field-tested using machine-generated shock waves that replicated actual blast conditions. The results caused no flying debris and did not endanger building occupants. The panels offer glare-free natural light and are weather resistant. They meet anti-terrorism performance requirements specified by the Department of Defense, UFC 4-010-01.


Waldmann-Derungs Medical Lighting introduces its medical product line to the United States and Canadian market with the debut of its new minor surgery light, the ISIS. According to the manufacturer, the light offers intensity, cool operation and reliability. Aesthetic design and technical features were developed by the company’s R&D facility in Switzerland. An array of products — including the ISIS, Halux Exam series, OmniVueMax Magnifiers and Woods lights — are offered by the company for lighting applications in hospitals and physicians’ offices. The division is part of the Waldmann Group, which specializes in the design and manufacture of lighting systems and workplace lighting for a variety of industries and application requirements.


Electronics Services Agency offers accessories for its Pila GL2, GL3 and GL4, a line of flashlights designed for use by police, law enforcement and corporate security. Available accessories include a xenon lamp, LED emitter, infrared and UV filter rings, rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a shelf life of 10 years, disposable lithium batteries and a LED tail cap with an output of 3.5 to 7 lumens. The flashlights are housed in an anodized aluminum casing that is O-ring sealed and waterproof up to three meters.

Surveillance Systems

Extreme CCTV announces the release of its Spectrum Series White Light Illuminators for surveillance. The illuminators are designed for technical nighttime surveillance at critical security locations. Using a “mired shift filter” that counteracts color distortions caused by conventional light sources such as high-pressure sodium lamps, the series offers accurate color reproduction in low-light environments. The illuminator, designed with U.S. patented Cosec2 Even-Illumination, also features a dedicated power supply that incorporates a dry-contact switch, allowing remote control operation via electrical relay.

Inspection Lighting

The FreedomView LED fiberscope by Optim Incorporated features a high-output LED light source that provides law enforcement officials with a lightweight, cable-free, mobile visual inspection tool. The fiberscope was designed to help officers during inspection and searches in the field or at a fixed location. The scope can be operated by three rechargeable 3-watt lithium ion batteries, 110V wall plug-in adapter, or a 12V car plug-in adapter. Light intensity controls are included in the product’s ergonomically designed handle and the shaft is constructed of rugged tungsten braid. The fiberscope also has an electro discharge common-point ground to increase user safety. The unit is video and digital camera compatible and has a full line of accessories, including AC wall plug, DC car plug, an insertion tube and a right-angle side viewing attachment.

Down-lighting Fixtures

A new line of 6-inch and 8-inch aperture metal halide fixtures, designed to address maintenance accessibility and light output usually associated with high ceiling applications, is the latest addition to Architektur, Prescolite’s line of premium-specification grade-recessed down lighting. Employing vertical T6 metal halide lamp technology, the new product provides lighting solutions for a variety of commercial and institutional applications where access for lamp replacement is usually difficult. Fixtures may be ordered in a range of beam spreads — spot, 10-degree, medium, 25-degree, or flood, 40-degree distribution. In addition, the company’s patented optics have been integrated in all three of the T6 distribution choices for cutoff and glare control.

High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Philips Lighting Company has introduced a high-pressure sodium, non-cycling Ceramalux lamp, featuring Philips ALTO lamp technology. This addition to the line eliminates the unwanted “cycling” that can cause outdoor lamps to turn off and on at the end of life, now making it easier to determine which lamps should be replaced. Application areas for the lamp include street and road lighting, warehouses, parking lots, parking garages, and anywhere where “cycling” high-pressure sodium lamps are less than desirable. Lamps are available in two shapes and five wattages, ranging from 70 to 400 watts.