Key System

Imagine one key working as both an encrypted electronic credential and a traditional high-security mechanical key.

Locking Key Rings

Monarch's Key Kop I Locking Key Rings use aircraft cable that is nylon coated and covered with a stainless spring steel cover to offer protection from abrasion and minimize kinking.One end unlocks, while the other end is captive, preventing keys from being dumped while being serviced. Cable terminals are recessed within the body to minimize break points.The bodies are machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum bar, and are covered by colored polyurethane boots. This offers a way to code groups of keys to specific functions and offers protection for the body of the unit. Available with a choice of locks and in several lengths. Custom lengths are available.

Security Door Hardware

Dortronics Systems Inc. offers an optional high security cylinder for its 5240 Series Electric Key Switches. The new device, model 5241-K65-HS, is keyed per order and may only be duplicated with authorized customer approval.The key switch is available in a variety of models, including two gang and one-gang plates for flush wall or surface box mounting, and narrow plate for hollow metal or aluminum door frames. Key operation comes standard as one position, key removable, with SPDT K65 contact output. Available options include a pushbutton with SPDT P-15 or DPDT P-25 contact outputs, and an LED option with a choice of bicolor and pushbutton features.

Locking Key Rings

Key Kop locking key rings are designed to be flexible key control systems that eliminate the need for welding, cutting, or the replacing of expensive seals or rings.The product's simple construction methods withstand tampering, minimizing key losses, and unauthorized removal, according to the company. Units are available in 1.5", 3", and 5" loops, as well as 4" rings and a 2.5" ring that hangs from a belt clip.A cable version also is available, incorporating a stainless-steel, nylon-coated aircraft cable covered with stainless steel overwrap to minimize wear due to abrasion. Each unit weighs four ounces, comes in choice of three locks, and features a stainless steel shackle - or cable - locking into a solid, machined aluminum body.

Key Rings

Each Tamper-Proof key ring from Key Systems comes engraved with its own unique serial number for ID purposes. The string of letters and numbers serves as a tracking device for conducting audits on both the rings and their keys.Kitchen or utility knives, prison shop tools, small firearms, medical equipment and cash tills can be secured to one of the high-security rings for both portable and fixed security.The Tamper-Proof Key Rings are made of solid and braided stainless steel and have male and female ends. One end is closed inside the other and a crimping tool is used to squeeze and tighten the connection.