Touch-Screen Upgrades

Etech expanded its Secure-Tech detention product line with new pluggable touchscreen upgrades for Secure-Tech brand hardwired intercom and door systems.

Security Software

VideoNEXT released version 2.5 of its Security Knowledge Manager, a Web-based software application that manages security information in real time. Version 2.5 features alarm notification, geo-coordinated 2-D and 3-D mapping, metadata annunciation and control framework that supports thousands of users. The software integrates video surveillance and access control into a school’s existing information technology infrastructure.

Video Management Software

GE has released SymSecure, new digital video management software that provides a way to manage, configure and control video security from any location at any time, according to the company. The system uses new IP-networking technology and MPEG-4 products to allow users to use legacy analog equipment in the IP environment. The system is designed with public safety facilities in mind and can also be used at schools, corporations, transportation facilities and retail locations. The software is easy to install and configure, according to GE, and it automatically detects cameras on a network and allows users to instantly control them with simple configuration. The system uses Windows point-and-click technology, which eliminates the need to learn an entirely new system. The software’s virtual matrix capability can be used to route digital video streams to where they are needed to respond to alarms and the system can be customized to its environment. Its open architecture allows for integration with access control and other building control systems.

Visitor Management

STOPware Inc. is adding Intelli-Check’s identification/verification technology to its product portfolio, which includes visitor management systems. The ID-verification technology will be used with STOPware’s Passagepoint Professional and Enterprise Visitor Management software systems. The technology includes the DCM/2 module, which has a small footprint and allows for easy operation. No modification is required to install the ID scanner into existing systems, and it can be easily added to a visitor desk or unattended visitor registration kiosk. The company’s visitor enrollment systems are compatible with most IT infrastructures and databases and allow for integration with other security technologies, such as access control and security cameras.