What Keeps me up at Night? Green Facilities

By Gregory J. Offner, CCM
There are a multitude of environmental challenges facing the correctional industry today. I am often asked why correctional facilities are behind the curve on the sustainability movement and if the challenges of pursuing LEED certification for existing facilities cannot be overcome. These are very tough questions requiring complex solutions and cause me many nights of tossing and turning.

New Bill Addresses Contraband Cell Phone Use

A new bill that will allow states to petition the Federal Communications Committee for approval to jam or block cell phone signals from within prisons was recently passed by the Senate.

Florida Looks to Expand Re-Entry Program With Federal Grants

The Florida Department of Corrections was recently awarded a $750,000 federal grant to improve its offender re-entry program.

Roof Retrofits Can Lead to Financial Benefits

By Chuck Howard
Only a fraction of the 40 billion square feet of roofing annually installed in the United States involves retrofit projects with sloped metal systems. However, replacement and repair continue to account for approximately 75 percent of all roofing work, and industry sources suggest that 30 billion square feet of roofs will be in need of major repairs in 2009.

Outside the Box

As agency budgets are frozen or cut amid the economic downturn, facility managers are outsourcing maintenance operations to ensure their buildings too extend the life of their building systems.

Norment Security Group Acquires Imperial Systems

Detention systems contractor Norment Security Group expanded its maintenance services operations with the acquisition of Imperial Systems Inc.

Transitions: Napa County Targets Risks, Needs and Recidivism

By Mary Butler
California’s state and local correctional agencies have been under tremendous pressure to change how they operate. With both state and local jurisdictions facing severe institutional overcrowding, high recidivism rates and major budget shortfalls, change is inevitable.

Pennsylvania Plans $860 Million Multi-Site Prison Overhaul

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections plans to construct four new facilities and four new housing units at existing facilities as part of an $862 million prison system overhaul to alleviate inmate overcrowding.

Vanishing Vendors

By Jeff Geiger
At a time when prisons and jails across the country are struggling to cope with growing inmate populations, shrinking budgets and stretched resources, correctional agencies face myriad challenges in keeping aging security systems operational.

What Keeps me up at Night May/June 2009: Recovery and Reinvestment

By Gregory J. Offner, CCM
With the recent passage of the $787 billion economic stimulus package, federal, state and local agencies are scrambling to take advantage of the opportunity to move forward with critically needed infrastructure and facilities work at the earliest possible date.