Missoula County Jail Opens Rec Area for Female, Juvenile Inmates

By Jessie Fetterling
Female and juvenile inmates at the Missoula County Detention Facility finally got what they wanted earlier this month. The county completed two outdoor recreation areas for juveniles and women incarcerated at the jail, giving them access to fresh air, sunlight and outdoor exercise — all of which had been previously unavailable to them.

Nebraska Lawmakers Move Bills to Ease Prison Crowding

Just months after Fairfax, Va.-based Dewberry Architects revealed a master plan for construction work at Nebraska correctional facilities, state lawmakers passed Legislative Bills (LB) 907 and 999 on April 8 in the second of three rounds of consideration.

Regional Texas Jail Addition Welcomes Inmates

By Jessie Fetterling
An $8.6 million addition and renovation of the regional jail and animal adoption center in Keller was revealed to the public on Feb. 22, and inmates will move into the new facility this week. The regional facility will serve residents from Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake. The new 21,000-plus-square-foot facility nearly quadruples the amount of space for holding inmates and animals in the four cities.

Nebraska Mulls New Prison Construction & Alternatives

Consultants hired by the state of Nebraska to tackle the growing correctional overcrowding problem have delivered a new master plan that relies heavily on construction and expansion. Nebraska has been grappling with a steadily increasing prison population for several years. As of Jan. 31, the state’s correctional system housed nearly 5,000 inmates, more than 150 percent of its intended capacity.

Judge Opposes Arkansas Board of Corrections Prison Decision

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen opposes a recent decision made by the Arkansas Board of Corrections to spend millions of dollars constructing a new prison.

Ellis County Courthouse to Undergo Renovation

By Jessie Fetterling
Plans that include a renovation and addition to the Ellis County Law Enforcement Center and a remodel of the Ellis County Courthouse are underway in Hays, Kan. The project’s architect, Kansas City, Mo.-based Treanor Architects, is currently making final changes to the remodeling plan for contractors to consider and bid on later this spring.

Denton County Jail Expansion in Progress

The first phase of the $26.7 million expansion and renovation of the Denton County Jail is well underway and should be completed in September. Satterfield & Pontikes Construction (S&P) is serving as the general contractor, while HDR is serving as the architect. Both have offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Idaho to End CCA Contract

Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter asked the Idaho Board of Correction earlier this month to take over the operation of the 2,080-bed Idaho Correctional Center (ICC), the state’s largest prison.

Arizona DOC Requests Additional Correctional Officers

Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) Director Charles Ryan is seeking about $60 million in additional funding from Governor Jan Brewer for fiscal 2015, which begins July 1, 2014.

Texas Voters Narrowly Approve New Inmate Processing Center

Though initial polls showed strong support, Harris County’s proposed joint inmate processing center was approved by an extremely narrow margin.