Miami-Dade to Privatize Inmate Medical Care

By Helen Christophi
Jackson Health System has asked its subsidiary, Prison Health Services, to negotiate a contract to provide private healthcare services for inmates under the custody and control of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.

Jerry Elmblad, A Plant Guy

Jerry Elmblad’s office at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Lansing is littered with papers and publications on cutting-edge technologies. With 25 years in the department, Elmblad has become one of the correctional industry’s foremost experts on energy use reduction.

Trade Files: Sprung

By Roibín Ó hÉochaidh
As jurisdictions struggle to overcome overcrowding, Sprung Instant Structures has found itself in a position assist with the quick installation of stressed structure-membrane technology.

The Case for Private Prisons

By T.C. Robillard, Jr.
Over the next decade, the private sector’s share of inmates within the U.S. could increase to 11 percent from its current level of 8 percent. This equates to roughly 5 percent to 7 percent annual inmate growth over that time.


By Stephen A. Carter
Happy New Year! It’s hard to imagine that we were so concerned about Y2K and the simultaneous meltdown of global ATMs a decade ago when now it’s what is not in the bank’s vaults that seems to be of greater concern.

Trendspotting: To the Higher Ground

By Stephen A. Carter
Whether we are considering governing, choosing, designing, operating, or financing, the scramble for consensus has brought correctional design and operations to a new level of mediocrity. The shove by the Academy of Architecture for Justice toward evidenced-based design decisions should be welcomed, yet the majority of the architect’s choices remain those acceptable to a vocal individual or a committee unwilling to embrace conflict as a part of the creative process.

Ask the Expert: Accurate Assessment

T.J. Rogers is president of Accurate Controls Inc., a family-owned company that for the last 25 years has developed security automation systems for the correctional industry and other related markets.

Spotlight: Prison Gray

From coast to coast and border to border, corrections officials must face the prospect of housing ever-growing numbers of older inmates and providing for their special needs.

Trendspotting: The Crisis in Corrections

By Stephen A. Carter
Winston Churchill reputedly declared, “If you want to see the soul of a society, look into its prisons.”

Trendspotting: The Footprints of David Parrish

By Stephen A. Carter
We have this agreement around my home and office that we don’t discuss the R-word: retirement. In the solitude of my own thoughts, anxiety about exercising my age-gifted perk grips me momentarily, but soon passes as I approach yet another TSA screening lane.