Trendspotting Nov/Dec 2007 - Sustaining Family Values

By Stephen A. Carter
Perhaps we have allowed the phrase ‘family values' to be taken hostage by single interest groups for too long. For more than a decade this phrase has served as some strange form of a litmus test to anoint political candidates as worthy of public service, enact all types of legislation on who can be united with whom, and determine which household is more appropriate to rear a child.

Spotlight Nov/Dec 2007 - What Keeps Me Up at Night?

By Gregory J. Offner
Greg Offner, of DMJM H+N – AECOM, discusses the importance of having a well-trained quality control inspector.

Trendspotting Sept/Oct 2007 - Trendspotting from the ‘Hot' Seat

By Stephen A. Carter
You know it's hot when a Kansas City barbecue is moved indoors due to excessively high temperatures. Anyone growing up below the Mason-Dixon Line recognizes that pulled pork and conditioned air is unethical, if not illegal.

Spotlight - 2007 Justice Facilities Review

The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Justice will in September publish the 2007 Justice Facilities Review, a collection of justice facility projects that demonstrate quality of form, functionality and architectural responses to complex justice design issues, according to the AAJ. The review will be featured at the AAJ 2007 conference on Sept. 26 in New York.

As The World Turns

By Stephen A. Carter
Every now and again you come across a new word, or at least a reconfigured word, that has some vague familiarity. When I recently toured a youth prison in Belfast, Ireland, I was introduced to “paramountcy.” Good charades word, eh?

What Keeps Me Up at Night

By Gregory J. Offner
Instinctively, savvy shoppers know a bargain when they see one, but the winners in today's economy understand the concept of value purchasing — purchasing ahead of the need.

Ask the Expert May/June 2007 - Incident Eradication

By Matthew Crawford
Few corrections professionals will ever have the opportunity to orchestrate the closure of a facility that is more than 100 years old while more than 800 inmates are occupying its cells (Read more on page 8 of the May/June issue or read the story online). Gary Maynard, secretary of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections, did that just five weeks after taking office.

Spotlight May/June 2007 - Mobile Investigation

By Bill Teel, Teel Technologies, and Alex Fox, director of security technologies, Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Everyday, more and more cell phones are confiscated in correctional facilities. It's a recurring problem that the industry continues to battle, but the number of devices recovered is increasing significantly. The situation is likely going to become more pervasive before it gets any better.

Trendspotting May/June 2007 - We Salute Those Who Serve

By Stephen Carter
In a typical week, I can easily pass through a half dozen airports selfishly dedicated to just getting through as transparently as possible and arriving focused at my scheduled destination. After more than three decades of doing this, virtually everything in the concourse, from people to paperbacks, is lost to a fog of sensory overload. I can count on my left hand the times that I have seen concourse communities actually engage in unison over anything but a call for boarding.

SPOTLIGHT March/April 2007 - ADA: Recognizing the Importance of Accessible Cells in Prisons

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around since 1990, it was still a hot topic at the American Correctional Association’s winter conference.