Trendspotting - Correctional News Watch

By Stephen A. Carter
While indulging my JFK-inspired addiction to reading at least two newspapers every day, I have noted several topics chronicled in the headlines of news outlets recently that may have an influence on the ways in which we manage offenders and places of correction.

Conventional vs. Remote Visitation: Hybrid Model Delivers Tailored Solution

By Timothy Eickhoff
Although video visitation has become commonplace in correctional facilities during the last decade, administrators and agencies are beginning to understand that the application of evolving technology is no longer an all-or-nothing choice between conventional face-to-face and remote video visitation models.

Trendspotting: Daunting Times

By Steven A. Carter
The 11th International Architecture Exhibition of Italy’s Venice Biennale 2008 closed in late November.

Corrections Performance Contracting 101

By Rob Risley
An FPL Services energy expert examines chiller equipment during a comprehensive energy audit of a correctional facility.

Trendspotting: New Math

By Stephen A. Carter
Stephen A. Carter, of Carter Goble Lee, gives his perspective on direct supervision.

Video Visitation: Increased Security, Reduced Costs

By Robert V. Bosco, CPP, HDR Security Operations Inc.
Inmate visitation responsibilities can represent a significant percentage of operating costs, particularly in county jails where the close proximity of relatives and friends lends itself to the increased frequency of visitation.

Internet Protocol Intercom Systems: A New Trend in Justice Facilities

By Michael Havens, RCDD, security designer with HDR Architecture Inc.
Traditionally, intercom systems in the correctional setting have been analog-based switching and voice delivery. They offer very little in the form of management and/or control of voice intelligibility.

Trendspotting: Revealing Choices

By Stephen A. Carter
The recently released Pew Center report on incarceration in the United States leaves little doubt that we are No. 1. We now incarcerate one in every 100 Americans.

Trendspotting: The Green Revolution

By Stephen A. Carter
Stephen A. Carter offers his perspective on reducing the environmental footprint of corrections.

Trendspotting: Promising Linkages

By Stephen A. Carter
I confess to being a seasonal person and the time between Thanksgiving and the new year usually finds me anticipating both the prospect of old and new connections through conventional methods of meeting and greeting, as well as the exchange of holiday cards. Even the unimaginative exchange of pre-selected “e-greetings” becomes slightly more tolerable.